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We provide solutions to help you live better and safer. From the safest facemasks to Covid tests and our innovative alcohol tests. We also supply devices such as ultraviolet disinfecting lamps and non touch thermometers.

We all accept that the pandemic has changed our world. The onset of the new normal will need us to change our behaviour. We need to adopt new ways of living, working and having fun.

With 40% of us showing no symptoms of carrying the COVID-19 virus it is vital that we stop spreading the virus without knowing it, this is especially relevant with new strains of COVID-19 appearing.

We practise what we preach

  • Follow the Government guidelines applicable to your locality
  • Know your COVID-19 status - with our testing kit it's never been easier
  • Mask up outside your house
  • Wash your hands as many times as you can
  • Keeping safe is going to take a little extra time every day
  • Take responsibility for the safety of your friends, family and community

Rapid Alcohol Test Kit

Lumiquick Quickprofile™ Saliva Alcohol Test

  • Let’s you know how much alcohol you have in your body
  • Highly Accurate
  • Results in 2 minutes
  • Very convenient and simple to use
  • Portable , easy to carry around with you in pocket or handbag

The amount of alcohol in your body can now be easily measured. You no longer need to guess the amount of alcohol in your body based on the number of units consumed or your body size. Take responsibility for you and those around you by making informed decisions after consuming alcohol.

Consuming alcohol affects our judgement; it is also one of life’s pleasures. We have made it easy for you to enjoy a drink responsibly. Our tests show you how much alcohol you have in your body using an easy to understand colour chart.

Depending on your metabolism, alcohol can take different amounts of time to become ineffective. There are many situations where alcohol is in the blood stream long after it has been consumed and continues to impair your judgement. If you have had a drink make sure you test yourself before driving or making critical decisions.

If you’re worried about someone else’s drinking habits, here’s a great way to help.

COVID-19 Test Kit


  • Let’s you know whether you have the COVID-19 virus in just 15 minutes
  • Great for homes, workplaces, care homes and medical environments
  • Can be used by anyone aged over 18
  • Collects samples from the nose or the back of the throat to ensure that you are testing the most likely areas harbouring COVID-19
  • 100% sensitivity on highly infectious people and 99% on others
  • Visual results observed within 15 minutes

Why do I need to test myself

40% of the population are asymptomatic this means they show no signs that they have COVID-19 like symptoms but are capable of spreading the virus without knowing it.

Any one of the brilliant vaccines out there will protect you from the effects of COVID-19, however you can still become infected after vaccination and ifyou are asymptomatic you can still spread the virus.

A negative COVID test is no guarantee that you won’t become infected in the future; especially with new strains appearing.

We strongly advise that you follow the UK Government’s advice at all times. Protect yourself, your friends, family, workmates and community by acting responsibly through testing.

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Our fabrics used in our Face Coverings are coated with HeiQ Viroblock NPJO3 technology, which is tested effective against SARS CoV 2 (Covid 19)*
A Face Covering is vital to the eradication of today’s PANDEMIC by reducing the risk of a wearer being infected or of infecting other people.
The UK Government has now made face coverings mandatory on all public transport, ferries, coaches and aircraft. Furthermore you are advised to use face coverings in enclosed public spaces where social distancing is not possible.
Yes, many people who have COVID-19 do not show any signs or ill effects (asymptomatic) yet can spread the disease, so wearing a facemask minimizes the risk of these people spreading the disease. We don’t know how and when COVID-19 will mutate, so even if you are immune to the current strain minimize your chances of picking up a mutation or for that matter any of the other commonly occurring viruses that plague us like the flu.
Absolutely not. Our Face Covering is made to our specification and is not part of the NHS procurement programme.

COVID-19 Test Kit FAQ

To check if you are carrying the virus and are infectious to others. QuickProfile™ COVID-19 Antigen Test is a rapid in vitro immunochromatographic test for the qualitative detection of the Covid-19 virus antigen present in human nose and throat.
To quickly check if you are infectious to others and safeguard your health by taking action immediately. With results in 15 minutes, this test will confirm if you are infected with COVID-19. The entire population will benefit from regular testing to ensure they are not at risk of infecting each other.
It is a swab test which detects the presence of protein particles from the COVID-19 virus. A swab is taken from the nose or throat, a fluid is added and this fluid is then tested for the presence of viral protein using a lateral flow device.
It is a swab test which detects the presence of protein particles from COVID-19.
The test kit is 94% - 99% accurate depending on the amount of COVID19 in your system. If COVID-19 is on your swab, the test will find it. This means you must ensure that the swab sample is collected correctly according to the instructions supplied. The best way to ensure this is to carefully follow our instructions for use and our video.
The QUICKPROFILE™ COVID-19 ANTIGEN TEST CARD test is faster than other Antigen tests meaning results are observed within 15 minutes.
You should isolate yourself and follow the guidance at: If you are feeling unwell you should follow the guidance at:
Yes, the test will be able to detect asymptomatic people, as they will have an immune response even though they don’t display symptoms.
The window of accuracy is 15-20 minutes after you add the sample and buffer solution. If you forget to read the results after this time you should consider the test to be invalid.
The shelf-life is 18 months from the date of manufacture. The product expiry is printed onto the packaging for reference. Do not use it after the expiry date.
The recommended storage temperature is 5 – 30°C, however, we do not recommend you store them in the fridge, unless there is a risk of them overheating. Do not freeze the test cassettes or buffer solution. Tests should be performed at room temperature (15 – 30°C), so if you have stored tests in the fridge, you should allow them to reach room temperature before performing a test.
To date we have tested numerous common pharmaceuticals, none of which have interfered with the test, hence we currently see no cross-reactivity issues. We are looking at more drugs and will update customers accordingly.
Yes, there are no issues with testing babies and young children. But ensure that the tests are administered by a responsible adult, parent or guardian over the age of 18.
Yes, there is no harm to the mother or baby when performing a test.
No, the more people that are tested, the more equipped we are to understand the spread of the virus, which will result in better measures being taken to prevent its spread.
Yes, the test is CE marked for non professional use and is therefore a registered IVD device.

Rapid Alcohol Test FAQ

A rapid method to detect the presence of alcohol in saliva for a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) greater than 0.02%. It has been published that the concentration of alcohol in saliva is almost equal to that in blood.

QuickProfile™ Saliva Alcohol Test is designed as a screening tool to rapidly determine if the BAC level is higher than 0.02% by testing a saliva specimen.

QuickProfile™ Saliva Alcohol Test is based on the high specificity of alcohol oxidase (ALOx) for ethyl alcohol in the presence of peroxidase and enzyme substrate such as tetramethylbenzidine (TMB) as shown below:

EtOH + TMB CH3CHO + Colored TMB ALOx/Peroxidase

The distinct color on the reactive pad can be observed in less than 20 seconds after contact with a saliva samples having an ethyl alcohol concentration greater than 0.02%.

The test is between 95%-97% depending upon the amount of alcohol consumed.
The amount of alcohol you would need to drink to be considered over the driving limit varies from person to person. It depends upon factors such as your age and sex, your metabolism (the rate your body uses energy), the type of alcohol you are drinking, what you have eaten and your stress level. Using a rapid alcohol takes the guesswork out your decision making.

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