Our Philosophy, Staying safe together

We provide solutions to help you live better and safer. Our range of products have been developed to help you cope with the pandemic and it’s aftermath.

We all accept that the pandemic has changed our world. The onset of the new normal will need us to change our behaviour. We need to adopt new ways of living, working and having fun.

With 40% of us showing no symptoms of carrying the COVID-19 virus it is vital that we stop spreading the virus without knowing it, this is especially relevant with new strains of COVID-19 appearing.

We practise what we preach

  • Follow the Government guidelines applicable to your locality
  • Know your COVID-19 status
  • Mask up outside your house
  • Wash your hands as many times as you can
  • Keeping safe is going to take a little extra time every day
  • Take responsibility for the safety of your friends, family and community


Our fabrics used in our Face Coverings are coated with HeiQ Viroblock NPJO3 technology, which is tested effective against SARS CoV 2 (Covid 19)*
A Face Covering is vital to the eradication of today’s PANDEMIC by reducing the risk of a wearer being infected or of infecting other people.
The UK Government has now made face coverings mandatory on all public transport, ferries, coaches and aircraft. Furthermore you are advised to use face coverings in enclosed public spaces where social distancing is not possible.
Yes, many people who have COVID-19 do not show any signs or ill effects (asymptomatic) yet can spread the disease, so wearing a facemask minimizes the risk of these people spreading the disease. We don’t know how and when COVID-19 will mutate, so even if you are immune to the current strain minimize your chances of picking up a mutation or for that matter any of the other commonly occurring viruses that plague us like the flu.
Absolutely not. Our Face Covering is made to our specification and is not part of the NHS procurement programme.

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